Reacting to the Boston Celtics' Game 2 finals win vs. the Dallas Mavericks

Jaylen Brown's Influence on the Crowd

Jaylen Brown’s comments after Game 1 played a significant role in energizing the crowd for Game 2. His call for more support helped create a more electric atmosphere, which he believes contributed to their success.

Impact of the Crowd on Performance

Brown highlighted the crowd’s reaction as a crucial factor in the Celtics' victory. He noted that the crowd’s energy helped the team maintain momentum and overcome challenging moments during the game.

Game 2 Victory Over Mavericks

The Boston Celtics won Game 2 of the 2024 NBA Finals against the Dallas Mavericks with a score of 105-98. This win was pivotal in leveling the series and regaining home-court advantage.

Shooting Struggles Overcome by Crowd Support

Despite not shooting well and starting off flat, the Celtics managed to stay competitive and eventually secure the win. Brown attributed this resilience partly to the crowd’s unwavering support.

Brown's Postgame Comments

In his postgame interview, Jaylen Brown emphasized the positive impact of the crowd’s energy, stating it helped the team stay focused and push through tough phases of the game.

Key Media Reactions

NOA Dalzell from Celtics Blog and Bobby Manning and Josue Pavon from CLNS Media presented analytical analysis of the Celtics' win. They talked about crowd influence and the team's ability to use it.

Strategic Adjustments by the Celtics

The Celtics made important strategic adjustments after Game 1, which, coupled with the crowd’s energy, helped them perform better in Game 2 despite initial shooting struggles.

Series Implications

The win in Game 2 was crucial for the Celtics, as it not only tied the series but also demonstrated their ability to rally from a flat start. This victory sets a positive tone for the remaining games of the NBA Finals.