9 Great Ways to Use Vegetable Glycerin

1. Refreshing Body Wash

Not only are these easy to make, but they are also versatile personal care products that can be used for general cleansing or more specific skin benefits depending on the recipe.

2. Activated Charcoal Soap

 If you re not aware of how great this natural substance is for skin, it s certainly worth a look. Its natural antibacterial and exfoliating properties.

3. Homemade Dandruff Shampoo

Finding hair care products that have multiple active ingredients or benefits can be tricky if you are purchasing them at your local store, but it s easy to get these kinds of effects when you make your own.

4. Beautifying Vitamin C Face Serum

Vitamin C serums are super popular right now and for good reason. These products help promote youthful, glowing skin through antioxidant and cleansing properties.

5. Natural Toothpaste

For something a little different, you could try making your own all-natural toothpaste using the fine ingredients in our online store.

6. Lemon Facial Cleanser

A refreshing facial cleanser should be a part of everyone s self-care arsenal. That being said, you can simply create the kind of cleanser you want in regards to its specific effects.

7. Coconut Almond Body Wash

It s easy to use coconut oil or butter as a base for other ingredients, such as almond oil, to create deeply moisturizing lotions and body washes.

8. Foaming Bath Whip

For a fun and luxurious treat during bath time, try crafting your own foaming body whip. Many of these creamy, foamy concoctions use glycerin as a base.

9. Glycerin-Based Moisturizing Spray

At this point, you re surely aware of vegetable glycerin s potential as a natural hydrating substance, able to lock in moisture and prevent dryness in the skin.