Contrast Colors With Your Home

Opt for vibrant flower box ideas against black shutters to create visual contrast, like yellow calla lilies and fluffy hydrangeas spilling over the sides.

Use Rich Colors in Your Window Box

Embrace deep hues like rich red coleus for a stunning window box display, complemented by million bells, vinca, and asparagus fern.

Design a Flower Box With One Variety

Create a uniform bloom by planting one kind of bulb, such as daffodils, in your window box, ensuring they all bloom simultaneously in early spring.

Pick One Plant in Different Colors

Opt for a cohesive yet bright look by planting the same flower type in various colors, such as a mass of petunias in purples, pinks, and yellows.

Try a Simple Window Box Color Palette

Arrange plants with white flowers symmetrically for a soft and natural statement, featuring petunias, begonias, and sweet alyssum

Fill Your Flower Boxes Amply

Create a lush display by packing your window box with an array of plants like pansies, geraniums, and snapdragons, ideal for homes lacking foundation plants.

Pair White With Bright Pops

Combine white bacopa with dusty miller, fleabane, and purple million bells for a simple yet eye-catching window box idea, perfect for full sun conditions

Plant an All-Succulent Window Box

Opt for a low-maintenance option with an all-succulent window box featuring kalanchoe, echeveria, crassula, and pencil cactus, ideal for fall and early