8 Perfect Balance Exercises That Build Stability, Strength, and Flexibility

Stand on One Leg

Incorporate balance training into your daily routine by standing on one leg while doing simple tasks like washing dishes or brushing your teeth. 

Lateral Thigh Lift

Strengthen your outer thighs with this lateral lift exercise. While balancing on one leg, extend the opposite leg out to the side, holding for five seconds before lifting and lowering the leg five times.

Single-Leg Squat

Step your leg up to hip level and slowly bend your standing leg into a squat, aiming to touch your toes to the ground.

Catch and Hold

Challenge your balance and coordination by incorporating catching exercises. While standing on one leg, have a partner toss you a light object to catch. 

Tree Pose

Improve your balance and focus with the classic yoga pose, Tree Pose. Stand near a support and balance on one leg, placing the opposite foot on the inner thigh, calf, or ankle. 

High Lunge

Strengthen your legs and improve balance with High Lunge. Step one leg back into a lunge position, balancing on the ball of the back foot. 

Warrior III

Engage your core and enhance balance with Warrior III. Stand on one leg, hinge forward from the hips, and extend the opposite leg back. 

Balancing Half Moon

Begin in a high lunge position and transition into a balanced stance, stacking one hip over the other while lifting the back leg.