8 Most Expensive Crabs in the World

Blue king crabs are elusive creatures often found near the Diomede Islands, between Alaska and mainland Russia. They have a varied diet, including worms, small fish, algae, and even other crabs.

The Blue King Crab

Coconut crabs are massive creatures, reaching lengths of about 40 inches and weighing up to 10 pounds. They inhabit dense vegetation or piles of fallen coconuts when young and later make burrows among tree roots and logs.

Coconut Crabs

Known for its mild taste and juicy texture, the Dungeness crab is a popular choice for seafood enthusiasts, especially in the San Francisco Bay Area. Prices can range from $40 to $45 per pound.

The Dungeness Crab

Stone crabs, harvested primarily for their claws, are a delicacy often found in coastal areas of North Carolina and Florida. Prices for a small plate of stone crab claws can exceed $70.

Stone Crabs

Renowned for their large size and distinctive flavor, Alaskan red king crabs can fetch high prices, particularly when wild-caught in Alaska. A 2-pound red king crab can sell for as much as $180.

The Alaskan Red King Crab

Crystal crabs, favored by high-end chefs for their large meat portions and thin shells, command premium prices in the market. Their limited distribution along the western coast of Australia.

Crystal Crabs

Despite their intimidating appearance, giant spider crabs are prized in Japan as a delicacy. With legs over 12 feet long and weighing more than 40 pounds

The Giant Spider Crab

Snow crabs are the most expensive crabs, mainly found in regions like Greenland, Eastern Canada, Alaska, and Japan. 

Snow Crabs