7 Belly Fat Exercises You Should Start Doing in Your 30s

Trap Bar Deadlifts

Utilize a trap bar for deadlifts to work various lower-body muscles, back, core, and arms while reducing strain on the lower back. Stand at the center of the trap bar, grab the handles, maintain proper form.

Split Squats

Enhance the benefits of squats by performing split squats, which strengthen hip stabilizing muscles, correct asymmetries, and alleviate stress on the lower back. Hold dumbbells, step one foot forward, drop down


Engage your upper body and abs with pushups, promoting strength, endurance, fat burning, and metabolic increase. Maintain a proper pushup position with hands shoulder-width apart, flat lower back


Target the upper back, shoulders, arms, and grip with chin-ups, a powerful bodyweight exercise. Hang from a pull-up bar with palms facing towards you, squeeze shoulder blades, and pull yourself up

Kettlebell Swings

Incorporate kettlebell swings to engage glutes, improve lower-body explosiveness, and enhance anaerobic endurance and power. Start in a deadlift position, hike the kettlebell back between legs

Steady-State Cardio

Integrate steady-state cardio into your routine for effective fat burning, heart health, stress reduction, and overall longevity. Engage in aerobic training to burn fat without excessive stress on the body


This static hold is a serious belly fat burner since it engages your entire core. Plus, planks can be modified to suit your fitness level regardless of where you're at on your fitness journey.