10 Amazing Bodies of Female Athletes Over 40

1. Serena Williams

Known for her dominance in tennis, maintains a powerful physique through rigorous training and dedication.

Venus Williams

Demonstrates her incredible athleticism and strength well into her 40s, as a fellow tennis star and sister to Serena.

Danica Patrick

Maintains her fit and toned body through a combination of racing and fitness routines, as a former professional racing driver.

Torrie Wilson

Exhibits her impressive physique through consistent workouts and healthy living, as a former professional wrestler.

Gabrielle Reece

Maintains her strong and toned body with a mix of strength training and outdoor activities, as a retired professional volleyball player.

Dara Torres

Showcases her enduring athleticism and muscular physique through swimming and other exercises, as an Olympic swimmer.

Summer Sanders

Maintains her fit physique through a balanced lifestyle and regular exercise, as an Olympic swimmer and TV sports commentator.

Kristin Armstrong

Stays in top shape with intense cycling workouts and a focus on overall wellness, as a professional cyclist.

Jo Pavey

Demonstrates her remarkable endurance and strength through consistent training and competition, as a long-distance runner.

Zara Phillips

Maintains her athleticism and grace through horse riding and physical conditioning routines, as an equestrian athlete and member of the British royal family.